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Shui Chiropractic & Wellness Reviews

Welcome to the Shui Chiropractic & Wellness reviews page. Dr. Thy and Dr. Brian realize the importance of reading reviews before starting care. Check out what our patients are saying about the care given and contact us for an appointment! We look forward to helping you!

Highly Recommend

I went to see Dr. Thy a couple of times. The first time I was a little scared because I didn’t really know what to expect from a chiropractor. with all the movies and jokes about them cracking all your bones and making it super painful, i was scared to go but my sister said I should so I did. I was very impressed with what a great person Dr. Thy is!

My sessions were great, nothing like movies or myths. I am studying architecture, so with that comes long hours of nonstop sitting in the same position which produces a lot of back/neck pain. She helped me out and gave me great advice on some exercises I could do while drafting so my body can feel better. Every time I went with her she gave me great advice on how to better my health whether through exercise or diet.

She is beyond nice and beyond great at what she does. Both Doctors are great and they make a great team. My boyfriend went to go see Dr. Brian a couple of times and would always rage about how great he was and how good he felt afterwards. We both attended the “dinner with the doctors” and it was very informative. I would completely recommend everyone to go see them. they are the nicest genuine Chiropractors I have ever met. They are very good at what they do and they will definitely help you out.

– Renata

Tremendous Positive Resource

I’m the kind of guy that really doesn’t do well with the kind of physical contact that happens during a session of chiropractic treatment. I have too much hair and I’m too ticklish to be able to relax! ARGH! Just the same, I took advantage of an invitation to give chiropractic a try and was really pleased with my experience at Shui Chiropractic. I met with Dr Brian Shui who was very understanding of my feelings and hesitation to even try. He was terrific and I learned from our time together about other healthy habits and practices. Dr Thy Dinh is a member of my business networking and development group. She shares her experience and education with us quite frequently and I always learn something new about my overall health. The team at Shui Chiropractic & Wellness are a tremendously positive resource in our ever-stressful lives. I cant recommend them highly enough.

– Dave

Gentle Adjustment

I really don’t like to have my neck popped or cracked by a chiropractor – Actually I HATE it! So I put up with a splitting headache for two weeks before I finally broke down and came in to see Dr. Thy. Wow… she was so gentle and so PRECISE! She only made two or three small cracks to my neck, and I have to admit, at first I thought “Geez I got up the nerve to do this and now what are the chances this will work?!” But it did! Head ache gone by the time I left the office! Wow! She really knows what she’s doing!

– Gen

Superb Doctor

Dr. Thy is SUPERB. She is kind, friendly, caring and most importantly WARM. With my old chiropractor it was a very cold, clinical setting and zero personality. Dr. Thy provides a comforting atmosphere and thoroughly explains everything she does to you.

Also a first, she asks me if I am comfortable with an adjustment before she does it. Who does that? She’ll get you in position and explain the way it works, and then ask if it is ok with you before performing. Huge. At my second visit I made an appointment for my husband because she is so great and now we are both in treatment. I cannot recommend Shui enough.

– Elle

High Praises

Shui is really a duo of Dr Brian & Dr Thy (feel free to throw dynamic in front of that). Dr. Brian, who seems to focus more on his unique brand of Chiropractic specialty – sport ART (which I think stands for Active Release Technology). All i know is that I have a bunch of Navy Seal friends who go to him broken and sideways and come back smiling and rejuvenated while regularly and sing high praises.

– Jesse

Amazing & Gentle

Dr. Thy is simply amazing. She’s intuitive, kind, gentle, loving, generous and excellent at all she does. She’s not only great at giving an effective adjustment (including during my pregnancy … and after) but she’s incredibly knowledgable about many healing modalities. She’s also fantastic with my children, adjusting them, accommodating them in her office (a baby and a toddler) and showing them love and respect.

The office is lovely and peaceful. Brian is always smiling and I’m sure equally as great at what he does. Really, if you’re looking for a chiropractor, call Shui Chiropractic.

– Maggie

What Amazing People!

I had the pleasure of being adjusted by both Dr. Doan-Thy Dinh and Dr. Brian A. Shui toward the end of my pregnancy, and right after. They also both adjusted my newborn boy. They not only do an excellent job of adjustments in a clean and professional office, but are both fantastic resources who really care about their patients. They gave me great tips and tricks relating to my pregnancy, birth, and being a new Mom. I felt I could ask them anything and had complete confidence in the advice they gave.

– Jill

Amazing Office

Dr Shui has the most amazing chiropractic office that I have ever had the privilege of visiting. They helped me feel the best I had in YEARS and then after an awful auto accident they literally nursed me back to a state where I could travel home for long term recovery. Had it NOT been for Dr Shui’s treatment using so many modalities I would not have been able to open my mouth to chew, get off of pain medication for the most part, and get to the critical doctors appointments. He is a true healer and really has that gentle and knowing touch!!! I would not trust my health of that of my family and loved ones to ANYONE ELSE!!!!

– D.B.

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