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Nutrition Counseling in San Diego

Dr. Thy and Patient smilingWith a background in functional medicine, Dr. Thy discusses nutrition with all clients at Shui Chiropractic & Wellness who are interested in learning more. Our science-based approach to proper nutrition draws from the teachings of the Weston A. Price Foundation, nourishing your body with wise choices.

We’ve seen time and time again that fads and trends don’t work. Instead, we focus on a healthy diet, supplementing only if needed. The nutritional products we carry in our office are of the highest quality from Standard Process®, Premier Research Labs, Biotics®, and Systemic Formulas. These whole food supplements have minimal fillers and a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Prenatal Moms and Nutrition

Dr. Thy emphasizes the importance of nutritional considerations for moms who are planning a pregnancy. We can help you implement a healthier diet and detoxify your body so that you’re well-prepared for conception.

Getting Started

Your nutritional counseling will be included as a part of your chiropractic care. We’ll recommend resources such as books and websites where you can learn more and begin your journey to better nutrition. If you’d like to sit down with Dr. Thy for a longer session, we’ll be happy to schedule that for you, which will involve a separate fee.

Contact us today and schedule for a complimentary consultation! Same-day visits are available.

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