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New Clients

Welcome to Shui Chiropractic & Wellness! Our caring, warm team make our San Diego facility a place where everyone feels at home and loves to be. We are ready to greet you with a smile and give you the attention you deserve.

You’ll be nurtured from the moment you arrive and can let down your guard, feeling comfortable from the moment you step in.

Preparing for Your Visit

We recommend that you bring athletic wear to your appointment. You can change at our office, and these clothes make it easier to complete the examination process. If you have long hair, please bring a hair tie with you.

Day One

To begin with, you’ll sit down with your chiropractor for a consultation. At the end of this conversation, you can decide if you’d like to continue. If not, we respect your decision, and there is no charge for the consultation.

If you decide to proceed, we’ll get started with an examination and posture analysis, detailing our main findings along the way. You’ll receive a form of care such as a chiropractic adjustment and be on your way in 45-60 minutes, depending on how long you need to complete paperwork.

Day Two

When you return, you’ll sit down with your chiropractor to go over a report of findings from your examination. You’ll learn:

  • What we believe caused your problem.
  • How long it will take to address.
  • What types of plans we offer so that you can choose what’s right for you.

We’ll get you on the road to recovery and give you an adjustment. You’ll be here for about 30 minutes on this visit.

Following Up

Subsequent appointments are quicker, taking just 10-15 minutes.

Most of our clients seek our help because of a health concern. How much care you receive is entirely your decision. Once your initial complaint is resolved, you may, like many of our clients, feel it’s important to continue seeing us to maintain your progress. If you choose to cease care, we’re happy to have been able to help you.

Chiropractic care can be used to maintain your overall health just as regular dental checkups are essential to oral health even though you brush and floss your teeth every day. The frequency of your chiropractic visits would depend entirely on your situation, customized to what your body needs to stay well.

Schedule your appointment today! We accept insurance coverage and offer convenient late opening hours.

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